Monday, October 27, 2008

Here's a picture from ring weekend (hopefully there will be more to follow...when I get more from mom)!!! For those of you who don't know, ring weekend is when all of the firsties (seniors) at west point receive there class rings!!! I am so excited for Nathaniel and I love the ring that he chose!!! In the picture with us are Christian (Nathaniel's room-mate from last semester) and Rachel (his fiance and my friend)!!!

IT'S BOOKED.......

WAHOO....nathaniel and I booked our cruise for our honeymoon!!! The other day we were looking at cruises (waiting for the Nicoll's relatives to leave so we could carve our pumpkins up-stairs)....and we came across Holland America and really really LOVED one of there cruises!!! WE ARE GOING TO....DRUM ROOOLLLLL....a Ten Day cruise in the Mediterranean!!!!! We are SUPER excited!!! We are leaving from Rome and are going to Italy, Monaca, Tunisia, Balearic Islands, sicily and two other ports in Italy, one in Naples and the other one in Florence/Pisa!!!!
Only 7 More months until our wedding!!! I can't believe how fast time is flying's crazy to think that we have already been engaged for ten months!!!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

FOUR YEARS..........

Today marks four years from the day Nathaniel and I first met!!! It's crazy how FAST time has flown by!!! We met at our stake conference out here in New York...and of course I liked him INSTANTLY...which of course meant I couldn't talk to for months after that I still really liked him, but still couldn't carry on a conversation with him (nathaniel teases me to this day about this....grrrr.....)!!! Well around the end of January 2005 the academy holds their annual dance (yearling winter weekend) for the Yuks (as they call them at the academy...aka...sophmores)....and I was asked to the dance by...dun dun dun...Nathaniel's ROOM-MATE!!! Well by this time I still really like Nathaniel but figured that nothing was ever going to happen between us, which was actually GREAT because I was finally able to relax around him and act myself (later I found out this was this weekend that Nathaniel really started liking me because he realized that I COULD ACTUALLY TALK!!!!! L.O.L)...A couple weeks after this dance a group of us took a road trip up to Niagara Falls/Canada where Nathaniel and I officially began dating each other!!!!
LIFE IS GREAT and I couldn't imagine marrying anyone but him!!! He is such an amazing guy!!! I LOVE YOU NATHANIEL CLARK!!!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

8 THINGS..........

1. ARMY WIVES!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this show!!!!
2. Monk
3. 17 children and counting...I think it's quite interesting, I could never have that many children, but the Duggars really are a great family.
4. Law and Order
5. Secret life of the American Teenager..I know total high school show!
6. Friends
7. Gilmore Girls
8. Greys anatomy
1. The Alexis Diner in newburgh, NY!!!
2. Carmines
3. Chilies
4. Olive Garden
5. Panda Express
6. K&D pizza....the BEST pizza ever!!
7. Charlies
8. Painters.
1. Got Kathryn ready for school and onto the bus
2. Cleaned the house for the Nicoll's.
3. Took A LOT of pain medicine for my cramps....BLAH!!!
4. Took Kathryn to Gymnastics class
5. almost finished my Laundry..l.o.l
6. Celebrated Jason's (my boss) birthday...we had delicious NY pizza and his famous chocolate cake...YUM!!!
7. Snuggled with James and watched a movie
8. Finally talked to Nathaniel on the phone when he called me from Atlantic City where he is right now because he has to present what we worked on while he was down in Austin TX over the summer. AND his dad is now officially home from IRAQ!!!!
1. May 30th, to finally be married to the person I am SO excited to spend forever with!!!
2. Christmas this year...the last one that I get to spend with the Nicoll's, then flying out to Vegas to be with Nathaniel, then going up to SLC to be with my family and to go skiing!!!
3. Moving back to Utah so I can see my family and friends!!
4. Visiting China in January!
5. Nathaniel's Graduation on may 23, 2009...WAHOO!!!!
6. Mine and Nathaniel's honeymoon ;)...also because we are going on a mediteranean cruise...we leave from Rome, and are visiting Greece, Spain, Monaco, the Balearic Islands, sicily, Tunisia, and two other stops in Italy, one in Naples and the other one in Florence/pisa!!!!!
7. Next week to find out what Branch of the military Nathaniel will be in....we are hoping he gets the Corps of Engineers!!!
8. in Jan/Feb of 2009 when we find out where we will be stationed first!!!
1. that I will get another 4.0 this semester
2. to buy brown leather couches when Nathaniel and I get married!
3. To decorate mine and Nathaniel's home...although we will probably never live in one house for more then a few months to 3 yrs!
4. That everything will work out for Nathaniel and being in the military.
5. That Nathaniel and I will get stationed in Germany....
as you can tell most of my wish list revolves around Nathaniel and me being married...hey what can I say, we've been dating for four years now, we can't wait until we are finally allowed to get married!!!!
Everyone who wants to do this!!!!


i am: nervous about all the changes that are coming up in my life
i think: about all of the things I need to do in the coming couple of months to work, finals, moving to UT, figuring out how to get everything to UT!!!!
i know: The church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the true church!!!
i want: to be held by Nathaniel 24/7
i dislike: Brussels sprouts...YUCK!!!!!
i miss: my family and I miss Nathaniel, even though he is only 30 min. away
i fear: that I have never had a huge trial in my life and one day something is going to happen, especially losing someone that I love.
i feel: happy!!!
i hear: the T.V. playing a halloween movie!!!
i smell: well I probably do since I still need to take a shower today...that's what happens since I've been running around like crazy today.
i usually:
i search:
i wonder: when it's going to snow...I am SUPER excited for the first snow fall!!!
i regret: not starting school sooner...I could be done with my bachelors!!GGRRR
i love: being with my fiance, family and friends!!!
i care: about so many people!!! nathaniel, my family, the Nicolls's, my friends!!!
i always: listen to music while I'm driving in the car
i worry: about losing someone close to me!!
i am not: emotional...hahaha!!!
i remember: facts very easily, which comes in handy since i usually study for tests the day of!
i believe: one day I'm going to live in Germany..please.please.please!!!
i dance: HAHA...only when I'm by myself or with kathryn/james/william!!!
i sing: horribly...haha!!!
i don't always: think logically.
i argue: hardly ever!!!!
i write: in my journal...but not as often as I should!!!
i win: games...but never contests!!!
i lose:
i wish: May 30th, 2009 would come REALLY fast!!!
i never:
i listen: to country music....and LOVE IT!!!!
i don't understand: MATH!!!!
i can usually be found: at home during the week, school at night, and with Nathaniel on the weekend!!!!
i am scared: of the dark!!
i need: clean my room, clean my bathroom, do my laundry, fold my clothes, do the kids laundry, do my homework...and the list goes on and on!!!
i forget: so many things...I swear I am losing my mind!!!!
i am happy: Because I have been so blessed in my life!!! I have a wonderful family, I've had great experiences in NY, and I have the greatest Fiance that I get to spend eternity with!!!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Christmas pictures....

So for Laura and Jason's christmas present this year, I got pictures of the kids outside in the GORGOUS fall leaves and we are putting them all together in a photo book (from shutterfly, they are pretty awesome) and the kids are going to give it to them for their christmas present!!! I'm pretty excited to see Jason and Laura's reactions, I think they are really going to like the all I have to do it wait until Christmas to give it to them!!!!

Williams christmas pictures

James Christmas pictures

Kathryn's Christmas pictures

Friday, October 10, 2008

7 Random facts about me.......

#1. I HATE the dark and am deathly afraid of being in the dark by my self. No joke I sleep with the lamp on every night...and yes when I told Nathaniel this he made fun of me and told me when we get married we are definently NOT sleeping with the lamp on all night...but that's ok because I'm only scared of the dark when I'm by myself!!!

#2. I have a fear of heights...but I love going sky-diving and bungee jumping...but when ever I get to close to the edge of a cliff I start having a little panic attack and feel like I'm going to fall! I think this fear comes because of my dad...when me and my sisters were little my dad would always pretend to throw us over the this day if someone pretends to do that to me I scream bloody murder and punch them...hahaha!!!!

#3. When ever a sentence is written on the board, in my mind I count and make sure there is a even number of letters....and if there isn't it drives me crazy, so in my mind I'll add a period or an explanation point or two!!!

#4. Growing up I never really baby-sat and when I was young I told my grandma, aunt, and mom that I would have babies that never pooped because I thought that was it really surprised everyone when I became a nanny...I think the convincing factor to become a nanny was that I got to move to New York...horrible, huh!!! But now I love the kids so much I am dreading leaving them in December!!!!

#5. I LOVE camping. I love sleeping in a tent, cooking food over the fire and I especially love the smell of campfire!!!!!

#6. I love to travel and will rarely ever get home-sick (maybe once every other year) I am super excited that Nathaniel is in the military and we get to move every year to three years!!!! We are hoping to be stationed in Germany and we will find out if we get our choice of post in january!!!!

#7. Even after being a nanny I still want at least 5 kids....I know call me crazy...but if Nathaniel gets his way we will have at least 8 kids!!!!!!