Thursday, April 28, 2011

Visiting Grandpa and super cool Uncles!

Camden with his Grandpa :)
Even though Camden isn't really smiling in this picture don't let that fool you about how much he adores his uncles! His uncle Zach ran around with him all night long... in the end I'm not sure who was more tired, Camden or Zach :)

I can help Grandma

The other day my mom got an apron out of the pantry to put on and she felt a little tug on it and looked down and Camden had grabbed it and was looking up at her smiling...and since grandson's know how to melt their grandmas hearts she put her apron on him and let him help her whip up the whip cream. He thoroughly loved it, especially licking the beaters afterwards!

Egg-stra Egg-stra read all about it!

This is what happens when you leave a cartoon of eggs within reaching distance of a very curious 13 month old!

Monday, April 18, 2011


Camden LOVES italian food just like his daddy!!!

Corbin's 3rd Birthday!

Camden and Corbin hanging out...Corbin is 3 and Camden is 13 months, Don't they look the same size in this picture??? Camden enjoying Corbin's birthday present!
"I can reach it, I just know that I can"
Birthday cake time!
YUMMY chocolate cake!!
Kezlyn and Camden playing at the park for Corbin's party!

Camden's favorite game...light saber's/sword fighting!

Me showing Camden how to be a Jedi...yes we are attacking the birthday boy!!!

Corbin and Camden having fun!!!

I can't believe my nephew turned three!!! Where has the time gone? I remember I was eating a picnic lunch after church with Nathaniel down by the Hudson river when My sister Melissa called and told me she was in labor....was it really THREE years ago! Corbin is a bucket of energy and FUN, he totally has attitude and he says what is on his mind and I am absolutely in love with this little boy! HAPPY BIRTHDAY CORBIN, we had a great time at your star wars birthday party!!!

Baby Shower

Cute pregnant belly. She is 35 weeks pregnant and she looks amazing!!! Camden of course stealing all of the baby's presents!

Camden taking off his shoes...AGAIN!!!

Our timing here in Utah was perfect and we got to attend my friend's baby shower! She is absolutely beautiful pregnant and you can tell she is super excited for her baby boy to come! About 5 more weeks she will get to hold and cuddle with him (one of the best feelings in the world!)

Kezlyn and Kallie

Camden's favorite thing to do at Tawnya's was to "re-organize" the kitchen drawers! Corbin, my nephew, fast asleep!
Camden and Kezlyn! Camden LOVES eating baby doll heads and Kezlyn is just being a goof ball!
Grandpa and Camden snuggling!
Camden and Kezlyn enjoying our 4 HOUR CAR RIDE! It should of been 2 1/2 but we hit a blizzard in the canyon going up to Logan!

We had a great time watching my sister's girls, Kallie and Kezlyn. Kezlyn is seriously adorable I could eat her up (which she responded with "i'm to big") Kallie was a big helper with Camden and loved playing with him and carrying him around (much to his dis-like of course :)!!! The first sunday we were there it was General Conference so I loaded the kids up in the car and we made a trip down to my parents! General Conference was amazing as always, and the kids got to play with their cousin Corbin, since Melissa and Andrew also came over! The rest of the week we had fun playing WII, playing with friends, and making home-made pizza's with the neighborhood girls! That weekend we picked my sister Katie up in Logan then headed down to stay at Melissa's new house! That friday we had a girls night and our sister Summer joined us....I haven't eaten that much sugar in ages, we were bouncing off the walls!!! During our stay at Melissa's we enjoyed a trip to the pool, going to the movies to see Hop, and making Easter Cookies...and of course the kids had a great time playing with each other!

Tawnya and Matt enjoyed a great vacation, and Camden and I thoroughly enjoyed our time with their girls!!!

Camden, the little traveler!

I can make it, I can make it!!! "excellent, pushing the stroller instead of riding in it!"

Reviewing the safety procedures!

Camden is quite the little traveler! This past week we flew up to SLC to watch my sister's little

girls while her and her husband took a much needed vacation! We got to the airport quite a bit early since my sister Amanda dropped us off and needed to be back to Austin by 5 for a family Military dinner - our flight didn't leave until 7, so we had a few hours to spare! The austin airport is quite small to say the least, so we entertained ourselves by eating delicious BBQ, and walking up and down the airport - camden's favorite was to push his stroller instead of riding in it of course! And then Camden thought it was very entertaining climbing over all the chairs, thankfully there weren't to many people down by our gate so I just let Camden explore! The flight went (almost) smoothly, Camden by this point was a bit exhauted and a little moody, but thankfully right after take-off the flight attendent brought us some warm water for a bottle and Camden fell asleep....that is until someone slammed the bathroom door shut waking him up, O well he slept for about 45 minutes! The rest of the flight he entertained himself by reading the safety procedures of the flight!