Wednesday, March 30, 2011

It's always fun turning five!

Camden getting really into the bowling game, he couldn't get close enough! Whitney the little guitar hero in the making!
Camden thought playing the games was much more fun then taking pictures...
Whitney LOVING the presents she got...after she would open a present she would say, "I have wanted this for YEARS"
My neice Whitney is FIVE! Wow, she is growing up fast! We had a small party at chuck-e-cheese's where we all played a TON of games and won a lot of tickets, Camden enjoyed any game that involved throwing a ball! We then headed back to their house for presents and Delicious cake and Ice Cream!


Monday, March 28, 2011

Camping Trip.

The river was the perfect temperature and we had a great time cooling off in it! Camden is growing up way to fast! AND is a huge fan of camping, he just turned one and already has a few camping trips under his belt!
Playing one of his favorite games, Swords, with his Favorite Cousin Dawson (No joke, Camden adores his cousin!)
What camping trip would be complete without digging in the dirt?
Digging in the dirt some more of course!

This past weekend Camden and I joined my sister and her family for some Camping Fun before her husband deployes.

The camp ground was perfect, it is free to military families and has a huge open grass field and is near a great river and trails for biking and hiking. Right after we got to the camp-ground we decided to all head down to the river and cool off (it was 90 degrees outside, but trust me I'm not complaining! Camden LOVED the river, that is more of an under-statement, it was more like he was in Heaven. He had the time of his life splashing and then he found a "sitting" rock in the shallow area, sat down on it and for the next 15 minutes picked up little rocks and on the count of three threw them has hard as he could, all of course while he was "talking" up a storm. After we enjoyed the river, Camden, Dawson and I went on a bike ride on the trails, it was Beautiful! Camden of course loved it and off and on he would put his head forward onto my back and just say "AHHHHHHH" and since we were going over rocks and bumps it would make his voice go funny, he got a kick out of that! That night my brother in law Coleman made us dutch-oven corn bread and brisket, it was delicious! We then hung out in their tent for awhile until Camden was ready for bed! He did fairly well sleeping in our tent, of course everytime I woke up in the middle of the night he would be in a different location...the bottom of the tent...sprawled across his pillow, and my favorite, him laying sideways with his feet in my face :) The next day was a bit chillier, which made for perfect hiking weather! Amanda was hilarious, singing and dancing and entertaining us all on our hike, even Whitney would say things that would just crack us up! it was wonderful! When we got back from our hike we all took a little nap and after our naps we enjoyed a little bit more of the great outdoors before packing up our gear and heading home!

Thanks Amanda and Coleman for a great weekend! The trip was perfect!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Great Wolf Lodge!

Camden just chillin in the kiddie pool.

One of Camden's favorite thing to play with was the "jet-ski's"...when you pull the handle you get people wet and he thought it was hilarious!

Camden is WAY to interested in the water below us to care about pictures :)


Camden and I joined Coleman and Whitney (and of course the many other guests) for story time in the lobby! (coleman is in the red shirt and whitney is sitting on his lap in the pink shirt)

Dawson on our Magi-quest throughout the hotel.

Camden and I joining in on the FUN! Although carrying a 25 pound baby up and down and up and down 8 flights of stairs and also trying to keep up with two youngin's is quite the work-out!

Whitney sat here and said, "take a picture of my Aunt Sarah"!

Dawson, Camden, and Whitney already to go Swimming :)

Camden is SUPER excited to be out of his car-seat and ready to explore the hotel
This Past tuesday my wonderful Sister Amanda and her family invited Camden and I on their family vacation to Great Wolf Lodge before her husband deploys! We had SO MUCH FUN! We had a blast at the water park, and the magi-quest through out the hotel definently kept us in shape (imagine going up and down 8 flights of stairs over and over again while carrying a 25 pound baby, l.o.l). I loved watching how excited Dawson and Whitney were to be there and Camden also got into the excitement of it all! Camden enjoyed going to Club Cub and playing in the play house there and he even colored a picture for his daddy...before he started trying to eat the crayons of course :) We sure missed Nathaniel though and Can't wait until he gets home so we can all go together!