Friday, July 31, 2009


We officially made it to Fort Leonard Wood, MO last tuesday night at 11 p.m.!!! We were definently exhausted and couldn't wait to get into our lodging that Nathaniel had set up on least that was the plan :) When we went to go check in they said that they didn't know Nathaniel was bringing his wife so they booked him in a bachlor room with a room-mate, so we thought ok no problem we will just change the reservation to married lodging....but those rooms were completely booked!!! So we ended up at a motel 6 a couple of miles off of post and the next morning Nathaniel headed off to work!!! GOOD that we only ended up staying in the hotel for about 4 days when Nathaniel came back to the hotel room really excited and told us that we got a house on post....WAHOO (some people have been on the waiting list for a year and most people just end up renting off post, so we are very lucky :) Even better is that the house we got was just renovated, so we have new appliances, new flooring, new paint.....did I mention that I LOVE OUR HOUSE!!!!
Missouri is actually a very beautiful reminds me a TON of New York where I used to live! and the best part, is the humidity this summer so far has not been bad at all :) Although there are a TON of bugs...YUCK :)
Nathaniel does leave for Fort. Benning the first part of Sept. until the end of Oct....but my parents and sister are flying out here and we are taking a road trip and seeing a TON of cool sites and then we are heading back to Utah where I am going to stay while Nathaniel is gone!!!
Well I better go, Nathaniel has today OFF....and we are going out furniture shopping....I AM SOOOO EXCITED :)

Friday, July 17, 2009


Kathryn and I...The GREATEST little girl that I nannied out in New York Our Reception!!!!!!! Whitney....My Cute little Loved the back of my dress!!! My Bridesmaids....Katie (my sister) and Mandy (My BEST friend!!!

Wedding Day...

May 30th 2009 was one of the happiest days! Nathaniel and I were sealed for eternity in the Jordan River Temple!!! The day went so smoothly and there was no stress at all, which was GREAT....I would definently tell everyone to hire someone to do everything on their wedding makes for a more relaxed day for sure!
The Luncheon my in-laws hosted that day was fabulous! They hired a caterer to cater DELICIOUS hawaiin food..YUM!!! The right after the luncheon the wedding party went to a local park and took more pictures (Nathaniel was definently done with pictures by this point, l.o.l) and then we all headed over to the reception! The place looked amazing...THANK YOU so much Shelly (legacy weddings)!!! The day was amazing...and BEST of all, I married and get to spend the rest of eternity with my best friend!!! I LOVE YOU NATHANIEL CLARK!!!

(P.S......more news to come ;)


Nathaniel and I looking at each other during our luncheon...I LOVE HIM SOOO MUCH!!!
William...the little boy I nannied out in New York running up to me and hugging me after Nathaniel and I came out of the temple!!!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Honeymoon Pictures!

Nathaniel and I had a great time on our honeymoon. We were able to fly to Rome and spent three days touring around Rome until our cruise started! It was amazing to visit the colosseum, the Pantheon, the Trivi Fountain, and the MANY Piazza's they have in Rome, also we were able to visit the Vatican City, but because it was Sunday we did not get to see the Sistine Chapel because it is closed on Sunday, but we were able to visit St. Peter's Basilica's and the crypt's of the pope's! It was amazing to be able to visit so many sites while in Rome!
On our Cruise we went to Lucca/Pisa, where we visited the ancient city of Lucca and the Leaning Tower of Pisa. We then went to Monte Carlo, which was definently the cleanest city we visited while on our honeymoon, it was beautiful and very well taken care of. After Monte Carlo we went to Barcelona, Spain (sorry no pictures, our camera had died and we forgot to charge the battery!), but we were able to walk all around Barcelona and at the end of the day we made our way to the Mediterranean and sat on the beach!!! We then went to Palma (an Island in the mediterranean) and went on a bike tour of the city! The streets were cobblestone and beautiful! It was armed Forces day in Palma so we were able to see many parades that day! After Palma we headed down to Africa!!! Tunis was a great place to visit, Nathaniel and I both agree our tour guide in Tunis was our favorite! We visited the ancient site in Carthage and ancient Roman baths...the Romans were quite serious about there was a all day social event!!!
We then made our way up to Sicily! while there we visited the city's crypt, where they have mummified bodies hanging up on the wall...some even still had hair....ewwww....but Nathaniel thought it was really cool :)
After Sicily we went to Naples, it was amazing to visit the ruins of pomei, the ruins are in such good condition, it was easy to imagine the inhabitants life on a day to day bases, then seeing mount versuvius rising behind the city you can imagine the fear of the people on the day it erupted and killed the 30,000 inhabitants!
And then we made it back to the port we started at in Italy! We spent 5 more days in Italy trying to catch a Space A flight back to the states, it was actually great because we spent another day in downtown Naples and spend time with our friend Barrett's family, who is stationed in Italy! We then made it back to the states, it is definently always great to be home again, especially when you have great memories to remember your trip by!

Naples, Italy

The Ruins of Pompei:

Mount Versuvius in the backgound!
One of the ancient inhabitants of Pompei!

Mount Versuvius!
The Ruins of Pompei

The Port of Naples
Castle Nuovo, one of the many castles Nathaniel and I got to visit while on our honeymoon!


This was once a palace, and then they turned it into a prison in the 1600/1700!

Tunis, Africa!

Our Very VERY full Bus!!!
Market street in Tunis.
Nathaniel relaxing inside the ancient Roman baths!

Ancient Roman Aquaduct!
The Beautiful Mediterranean!

Market Place in Tunis! It was CRAZY!


We don't have to many pictures from our bike ride in Palma, because we forgot to charge the camera the night before, oops!

In Palma, it was armed forces appreciation day, so we definently saw a lot of parading going on!

Palace in Palma!