Monday, July 26, 2010

Weekend in Washington State

This past weekend Nathaniel, Camden and I flew up to Seattle for Nathaniel's dad's wedding. The weekend started out EARLY friday morning when we left our house at 5:30 a.m. and headed for the Austin Airport, although we left super early we just barely made it to our flight in time! I was a little nervous about how Camden would do on the airplane, but the worrying was for nothing, he did GREAT! We got so many comments from everyone about how good Camden is. It is true Camden was a great little boy on all the flights, he even flirted with every girl who looked at him....and then even laughed at a guy who walked past us with a very very long beard!!! Needless to say friday was still a very long day off traveling...a total of 12 hours from the time we left our house until we arrived at Nathaniel's families house!!!

Saturday was a perfect day. We all went through a session at the Portland, OR temple and then to the sealing. It was a neat experience. While we really miss mom we are very happy for dad and the great lady he married, Elise! and are happy to have SISTERS on nathaniel's side of the family, Elise has three girls, Kayleigh, Miranda, and Jenna who are all super sweet and very nice! After the sealing we off course took A TON of pictures then everyone headed over to this amazing thai restaurant for the luncheon. We then all made our way back up to Seattle for the reception that night. The reception was at a family friends house, The Burtons, and was absolutely beautiful. ALSO I got to see my good friend Grace Payne, that was very exciting!!!

That night we went to bed around 11 p.m., and I have to say Camden was a little trooper, he did so well the whole day especially without to much of a nap and everyone wanting to hold him.

Then the next day (sunday), we packed our bags up and flew back home to Texas. It was a short, great weekend and we are very thankful for the wonderful family that we have!!!

Camden smiling while waiting to board our plane in Seattle, WA.

Dad and Elise coming out of the Portland, OR temple.

Camden with Aunt Michelle!!!

Family picture time :)

Camden with his Aunty Heather.

Nathaniel and Camden hanging out in the airport

Mommy and Camden in the airport.

Just hanging out on our layover in San Jose, CA

Airplane Time.

Camden taking a nap of our flight to Washington.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Camden's 4 month stats:

Camden had his four month appt. today and he is quite the big boy (actually he is OFF the charts), he is 17 pounds 4 oz. and 28 in. put it into perspective, he is the size of a SEVEN month old!!! I also asked the doctor today if Camden could be teething because he has been a little cranky lately which is unusal, so he looked at his gums...and YUP he is teething, his two bottom teeth should break through in a few weeks the doctor said!!!
At four months Camden is:
*Sleeping 10 to 12 hours a night
*rolling from his belly to back and from his back to his belly.
*LOVES meeting new people and will go to anyone who wants to hold him, he LOVES the attention.
*tried rice cereal the other day and seems to really like it, but so far he does not like peas!!!
*When he is on his belly he will put his knees up and under him like he wants to crawl!
*He doesn't like the bright sun down here in TX and always has a grumpy face when we are outside.
*Has been swimming so many times we have lost count!
*absolutely LOVES his aunt Amanda, he will be grumpy for me but I will hand him to Amanda and he is instantly happy!!!

I feel very blessed to have such a happy baby boy, hopefully all of his siblings are as content as he is!!!!!