Wednesday, August 31, 2011

so sooooon

Nathaneil with his friend Jared - Iraq

It's interesting how a whole year can seem to fly by while the next few days seem like an eternity! That's right, Nathaniel is almost home and what a year it has been. I was reading through my journal the other day and I read an entry right after Nathaniel left for Iraq and it said: I was given the advice make this next year a time for you to thrive and not just to survive.

I am very happy for those words because they helped me through the next year and now that I look back on the year Nathaniel was in Iraq it is a great memory...don't get me wrong I missed him so much some nights I would just curl up in bed and cry myself to sleep, but thankfully those moments were far and few inbetween because I had made the commitment to myself to thrive over the year.

Camden and I had a great year, from celebrating his first Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Camden also learned how to sit be himself...crawl by himself...walk by himself, and is now running around like a big boy. We had a wonderful time visiting friends and family. We had FHE every monday night with our friends who's husbands/dads were also deployed. Every wednesday we go to play group in our neighborhood. I take much needed time and work out at our gym while Camden goes to the wonderful child care that they have! I have also come to realize over and over again how lucky I am to have such a wonerful husband, who cares so much about his family, who loves the gospel and is worthy to hold the priesthood. I feel so blessed that he is excited for more children to come into our family because he understands the eternal nature of the family :) Some people have said: I don't know how you do it, a year is so long, I just shrug my shoulders and say, you can do anything for those you love.

But I am not going to lie, even though this past year is full of great memories, I know that his next year is going to be EVEN better!

But in the end I am going to savor every second I have with just Camden and I, as we anxiously await (with butterfly's in my stomach) the day I get to run up and hug (and kiss!) my best friend, my wonderful husband.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Big boy bed

My little (or not so little) boy is growing up! A few months ago my friend moved her boy to a toddler boy, he is one year older then Camden and I thought man I am happy that Camden hasn't learned how to climb out of his crib yet and that he will be in a crib for hopefully another year! you see in a crib he is trapped, I don't have to worry about him hurting himself while playing in his room in the middle of the was a comfort...and then three weeks ago, my wonderful and adventerous 17 month old learned how to do what I was dreading, he climbed out of his crib! My first reaction: I laughed with him and hugged him because he was SO proud of himself when I opened his bedroom second reacion: A fear of him breaking bones! So I knew the time had come for him to get a big boy bed! Last week we went shopping and bought him a twin mattress and box spring! As soon as I set it up he loved it, I thought hopefully you love it as much when I take away your crib and make you sleep in it kiddo! First night comes: We do our usual bedtime routine and by 8:30 I tuck him into bed, we read a couple of stories, I kiss him and hug him and tell him goodnight and then I cross me fingers! Next thing I knew it was 8:30 in the morning, he had slept 12 hour straight, WAHOO! The next test came at nap time, I wondered if he would sleep as well in a bed that he could get out of when it is light outside..he slept 3 1/2 hours! He has transitioned to sleeping in a bed wonderfully, he never gets out of his bed until after his nap or in the morning, usually around 8! I can't believe how lucky I am to be a mom to such a wonderful little sleeper!