Saturday, December 25, 2010

My little sister's wedding!!!

The beautiful bride and Groom.
BUURRRRR it was FREEZING cold!!! Camden and I snuggling to try and keep warm!

Family picture time.

My little sister Katie was married this past week to a wonderful guy named Tyrell Marchant! The sealing was wonderful and I am so happy for them! Although the day started out a bit rough, Katie found out that Tyrell had been throwing up all night and morning because of a stomach bug going around, so the sealing was pushed back a couple of hours, Katie was a bit emotional all morning, laughing and crying all at the same time, but Katie being the wonderful person she is still kept a positive attitude and asked Tyrell if he wanted to pushed the wedding to the next day, he being madly in love with her said no way and asked his dad for blessing to get better! So with the ceremony pushed back a couple of hours it gave him a little longer to get better and while during the sealing you could tell he had a rough morning, Katie and Tyrell looked absolutely stunning! It was a wonderful sealing and brought back so many memories for me when Nathaniel and I were sealed together forever a year and a half ago!

Visiting Santa Claus!

The other day I told my parents we HAD to take Camden to see Santa because it is his first Christmas...AND while Camden didn't really smile...he didn't scream either. I will say visiting Santa was a success :)

Just some pictures :)

Some of me neices and nephew and our house of my little sister's wedding!
My sister Amanda and her cute family with my Grandma and Grandpa Jensen.

My Little Sister Melissa and her cute family with our grandparents
My neice Kezlyn, she is so adorable and has the best laugh ever!

My neice Whitney and Nephew Corbin...I am sure getting into trouble, haha!!

Visiting Grandma Laurie

On Christmas Eve day Camden and I went to go visit my mom's grave (Laurie my mother in law passed away last year) and to go and bring her some flowers! It makes me very thankful to know that I will see her again and to feel her watching over us. What a blessing it is to have the Gospel in our lives and to have the blessing of being able to go to the temple, what a wonderful gift that is to us!


We have had such a wonderful Christmas! Thank you mom and dad for making the day so great even though I really miss Nathaniel. The day started at 5:30 A.M. (Thank you Little man for the early wake-up call...aka...scream until I get you out of your crib, l.o.l)!!! Camden wasn't to interested in unwrapping his presents but loved playing with them after I unwrapped them for him...still his favorite toy of the day...the dishwasher...of course!!!
Last night I got to watch Nathaniel open his presents on web-cam, that was a TON of fun to watch him and see his reaction, it makes me very thankful for the technology we have :)



The other day we had a lot of family over and my sister Melissa and her husband Andrew took Camden with them and the other kids to play in the play-room and about 10 minutes later they came out with this on Camden's head and they said that it was CRAZY back their with all the kids so they decided that Camden needed a helmet to protect his do they come up with this stuff!!!! (Camden is with his favorite aunt in this picture...Aunty Amanda!!!)


Camden and I are having a great time here in Utah visiting with family! Camden loves exploring Grandma and Grandpa's house and "helping" them unload the dishwasher! The only bad part has been the stomache bug that is being passed around, Camden was hit pretty bad by it and I dont think it helped that his 7th and 8th tooth decided to come in as well, but he seems to be getting better each day! (which makes for a happy Camden and mommy :)

My Dad took me to the movies to see Harry Potter (while my amazing mom watched Camden)...I liked it...but books are always better then movies, so I was a little disappointed!!! But it was still GREAT to go to the movies without worrying about Mr. Camden :)

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Ward Christmas Party 2010

We went to Nathaniel's familys ward Christmas party this year, it was GREAT, it was called a night in Bethleham and we are dressed up in that era of clothing, Camden was a adorable little shepard boy!!!!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas tree hunting extravaganza

Grandpa found the perfect Camden sized tree!
So many trees to choose from!
The wagon Camden rode in on our walk out to the trees...he thoroughly enjoyed and sang and babbled the whole time!
Group Picture (left to right) Grandma, Camden, Jenna, Spencer, and me!!!

Last Friday we had a GREAT time going to Hunter's farm and picking out and chopping down a Christmas tree! It was my first time EVER choosing out a real tree and it was a BLAST, Camden had a great time as well...I think he enjoyed mommy saying "look I found the PERFECT tree" about a million times (what can I say there were A LOT of trees there)! There were actually so MANY trees there that it took us about 2 1/2 hours to choose our favorite...and even then we still ended up with two favorites, l.o.l :) We definently missed Nathaniel there BUT we are SO excited for next Christmas when he will be home...Do you think they have real christmas trees down in Texas, hum???

Monday, November 29, 2010

More pictures just for fun!!!!

We are all SUPER tired...Can you tell?! (me, Elise, Camden and Dad)
Grandpa and Camden about to go enjoy the snow again.
Mommy and Camden.
Grandpa found Camden's new favorite toy...a BOX!!!
Camden in a food coma...he ate a whole french toast by himself!!!!
Camden with is Aunt Jenna-roo!!!
Camden in his Christmas Pajamas!!!!
Camden loving all of the Attention he is getting here!!!
Elise's Brother and his family came the day after Thanksgiving and it was his sons Caleb's birthday...his request a Pumpkin pie!!! YUM!!!! Here are all the cousin's together, plus Camden!!!!

Our Thanksgiving Celebration.

Camden enjoying a yummy roll.
Ready to eat some yummy food. Starting on the left: Elise, Jenna, Kayleigh, Camden, Me, Spencer, Liz and Cayleigh, Barrett, Abrahm, Clark, and Miranda (with dad taking the picture.
Camden and mommy.
Camden was just laying next to his grandpa singing and playing with his spoon.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving day here in Washington! The company and food were great and Camden and I had a fabulous time! Camden was such a trooper and stayed up with us until 11:30 having fun! He is definently enjoying all of the attention!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Vacation part 1

Camden and I are having a great time with family here in Washington! Camden did such a good job on the plane flying out here, which made it enjoyable for me :) His schedule has been off since we have been here but he is slowly adjusting and hopefully tonight I will get some sleep...yes I know I was very spoiled with him since I am used to him sleeping 11 hours at night, which means I usually had about 8 hours of sleep at night...but since we have gotten here he wakes up a couple times a night..and last night he was up from about midnight until 2!!!! BUT he has still been super happy and LOVES following his Grandpa around the house :) ALSO it has snowed quite a bit here so Grandpa and I HAD to take Camden out to play in it, he really seemed to like it, especially when Grandpa pulled him around on the sled!!!

Camden and Grandma looking at the fishies.
"what is this on my head?" Camden and Grandpa playing in the snow.

Mommy and Camden

"mom snow is COLD....BBBUUUUURRRRR"

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Where, O where

Camden LOVES to explore and crawl all over the house....the other day he was playing in the family room (right off of the kitchen) and I was in the kitchen finishing the dishes and when I was done I went into the family room to check on him, and he wasn't there, NO big deal because I can usually find him in the entry way...he wasn't there either....THEN I realized he is probably in his favorite room..the BATHROOM, standing up next to the bath tub...and I was right!!!
This is camden's most favorite place to go...I usually have the door closed, but every once in awhile I forget and he takes full advantage of it!!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

A couple of weeks ago Camden and I went to the pumpkin patch with a group of our friends. We had a ton of fun...even if it was HOT!!! Camden seemed to enjoy "picking" out a pumpkin, but mostly loved watching his friends laugh and run around (he is such a people watcher!).
Camden and I.Sitting on the pumpkins - 7 months old. Camden thought it was so funny to be pushed around in the cart by his friend Bennett.