Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I have finally added pictures from 100th night and China....although I added the china pictures in reverse order, so start from the end and read up, l.o.l!


After riding the train all night we made it to BEIJING! What an amazing city! we were able to visit the summer palace, the pearl factory, the path of the sacred way of the animals, visited a hospice, spent an afternoon at the forbidden city, walked around tiananmen square and the temple of Heaven, spend time in the jade factory and last but not least WALKED ON THE GREAT WALL OF CHINA! We had such a great time and such great company up in Beijing! but as they say, all good things must come to an end, and before i knew it I was an the plane heading back to the U.S.!


After enjoying our warm weather in Guilin and Yangshuo we traveled north to the very cold city of Xi'an! But although it was freezing, we still had an amazing time! our tour guide was named Henry (our favorite guide in China!), and he took us to visit the site of the Terracotta warriors (if you dont know the history behind it, you should look it up, it's really interesting), he also took us to a couple local museums where we learned about the history of China, and at night he took us to this amazing water/light show...it defininetly beats the billagio's (sp) light show in vegas!!! We were then able to walk along the ancient wall as our tour guide told us numerous stories of battle's that took place at the wall! after enjoying our time in Xi'an it was time for us to board our sleeper train and make our way up to Beijing for our last week in China.

The Village of Yangshuo

I think I have to say Yanghuo was my FAVORTIE place to visit, not only was the weather amazing and perfect, we met a lot of great people, experienced being chased down the street by a 80 year old lady trying to sell us stuff, and had a TON of free time to explore the local village! We also took a bike ride through the country side, and saw some amazing views!!! Sadly though our time came to an end in Yangshuo, but we were then off to our next adventure...a 3 hour flight north to the city of Xi'an.

The Li Cruise

After our time in Guilin we took a boat down the Li River to the village of Yanshuo! The boat ride was definitely an adventure! At our table we met two groups from Australia and a group from Germany, we had a great time talking and laughing and enjoying our all day boat ride! The views were AMAZING! and when we finally arrived at Yanghuo the boat docked on the side of the mountain and we took stone steps up through the market! it was incredible!

Guilin, China

After our 2 hour flight to L.A., then our 13 hour flight to Korea, and another 4 hour flight to China, we finally made it to the city of Guilin! The last two pictures are the view from our Hotel room! It was incredible! While we were in Guilin we went through caves, went through the local elephant rock park, enjoyed the local cuisine, and enjoyed the warm weather! We also had the opportunity to visit a local art gallary and visit the lion and bear habitat! After our time in Guilin we went by boat down the Li river to the village of Yangshuo.

FINALLY pictures from 100th night weekend...

Here are a few pictures from the GREAT weekend I got to spend with Nathaniel in New York to celebrate 100th night (100 days until the seniors graduate from W.P.)! The weekend was AMAZING! It was great to see Nathaniel in the airport, it had felt like FOREVER since i had last seen him, although it had really only been 8 weeks! We then met a good group friends at Gasho's Japanese steakhouse for dinner, the food was delicious and the company even better! We then went up to West Point for the 100th night show, it was hilarious, it was great seeing cadets sing and dance!!! That Weekend I was also able to spent time with the Nicoll's, I miss those kids like CRAZY and I had such a great time being with them! I can't believe how much they had grown in two months!
Then saturday night we went to the 100th night banquet up at West Point! It was a ton of fun getting ready for the banquet with Grace (Nathaniel's roommates fiance), we had a lot of fun talking about our upcoming weddings and details!!! Grace is a professional cosmotologist (sp) and offered to do my hair for my wedding...which I of course took her offer...THANK YOU GRACE!
That night the LDS cadets and all of us dates had a great time hanging out and swimming!!!
THE WEEKEND WAS AMAZING! Now only 6 1/2 more weeks until I see Nathaniel again in New York for his graduation!!!!