Wednesday, April 28, 2010

more Camden pictures

Post all about Camden:

Camden was screaming one night so Nathaniel decided to put him on his head like this and VIOLA Camden is one content little baby!!!

*Camden is an AMAZING baby, although I could be a little biased, l.o.l!!! Nathaniel and I feel so lucky to have him, the other day Nathaniel was holding Camden and looked at me and said "sarah, I love being a dad", little moments like that make the three a.m. feedings all worth it, to see Nathaniel so happy!

*Camden is also a VERY smiley baby, and has one of the best smiles in the world, it looks exactly like his daddy's!!!
*He is also sleeping so GOOD at night. We put him to bed around 8:30 after I feed him and he falls asleep all by himself and then he wakes up between 4 and 6 a.m. to eat and then will fall back to sleep until 8:30ish!!! SLEEP IS WONDERFUL and I am so thankful that he is such a great sleeper!

*He is also cooing like CRAZY...he will just look up at me and start cooing like he is telling me a story, it is absolutely adorable!!!

* HE IS ALSO A CHUB-A-SURAS!!! He LOVES to eat and the only time he really cries is when he is hungry!!! We weighed him on our scale and it said he weighed FOURTEEN POUNDS!!! But we will officially find out next week at his two month appointment!

* He is getting way to LONG for 0 to 3 month clothes, I can't believe how tall Camden is!!


When Grandma comes to visit...

My mom was an AMAZING help when she came and visited us!!! Not only was she a huge help with Camden (watching him one night so Nathaniel and I could enjoy a date night!) she also helped us move from Missouri down to Texas...and then once we got to Texas she helped us move all of belongings into our temporary housing...PHEW it was A LOT OF WORK, but it was made easier with mom there to help us!!! It was so much fun to have her here to talk to and hang out with...I am pretty sure Her and I talked the WHOLE way down from MO to TX...and I think Nathaniel was very thankful he was driving the moving truck...he thinks girls are crazy...hahaha!!!! We also had a great time showing her our house that was being built and exploring fort hood together!!! WE MISS YOU MOM and are so happy that you came to visit us!!!!
P.S. I realized that I don't really have any pictures of when she came and visited, so I added two pictures that she took while she was here!!!

slowly but surely...

At least Camden made it through church without screaming....he is REALLY hungry and that is about the only time he screams!!! He is like his dad...cranky when he is hungry, l.o.l :)

There is SO much to blog about, especially when you haven't blogged in about 6 or 7 weeks!!! So I will try and write about everything that has happened to us lately in order!
Well the sunday after Camden was born Nathaniel and I decided to be brave and take Camden to church, but I really really wanted to sneak into the back and sit in the back row, we are usually front row sitters, but Nathaniel agreed to this because I think he could tell how nervous I was, I mean what if Camden started hysterically screaming, and as a first time mom it is a bit nerve wracking and of course it is always much usually to sneak out of the chapel without people noticing you if you are sitting in the back. Well Nathaniel and I show up a few minutes late to church, during the part in the meeting were our bishop is talking about ward he see's us sneaking into the back..and he's like "and if you notice the Clark's walking in in the back....." at this point of course everyone looks back at us and the bishop continues..."they had their baby this past week.....and they never called me, but I would like to congratulate them anyways!!!" Yup that's right our Bishop totally called us out in front of everyone...after I told nathaniel time and time again I wanted to sneak into the back of the chapel so no one would notice us!!!! Nathaniel and I still laugh about it...also we had an amazing bishop so it was even funnier :)