Tuesday, February 23, 2010

39 week appointment

Well here I am still waiting for Camden to decide to come :) But for now I think he is quite comfortable where he is and I have a feeling that we will make it to my induction date on March 3rd! ON a great note though...I am now dilated to a 5 and 100% effaced....and YES I am still not in labor. My doctor, mom, everyone else I talk to can not believe that I am not in labor yet...BUT hopefully this means labor will be quick and easy, l.o.l :) As for me, I am ready to meet Camden and I am done being pregnant, on the positive side I have seriously had an easy pregnancy, besides my blood pressure going back and forth, high then normal and back again, I haven't had any complications and at each NST Camden looks great and seems to be having no problems gaining weight, l.o.l :) While I know Nathaniel and I are going to have more children in the future and are quite excited for them to join our family, for now I am done being pregnant and just want to hold our son.

I will keep everyone up-dated and hopefully we will soon be sharing pictures of our son!

Formal Night

Nathaniel's class formal we went to last week was actually a lot of fun! We had a great time with the people at our table and the speaker was actually really good and had some really good advice for Nathaniel's class and when they first get into their units! Here are some pictures:

Shane Smith, Nathaniel, and Blake Dunn; two of the guys from Nathaniel's class that we have gotten to know.

Nathaniel, me, Blake and his wife Sara Dunn; WHO are moving to HAWAII...as you can tell we are super jealous of them, but know that they will have a great time while they are there. (also Sara and I are both pregnant, she is due the end of April, so it has been fun having a pregnant buddy while here in MO, l.o.l) :)
Nathaniel and I right before we left for the formal.

AND one more...this one is from a different night then the formal, it was for Nathaniel's class social...a bit more, how to put it nicely...boring, hahaha....but mandatory to attend none the less! It was great talking to the people from his class, Nathaniel definently has great class mates!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

NST and ER visit!

Other then my BP being a little bit elevated the whole time, the NST and ultrasound went great! Camden has a GREAT heartbeat and plenty of fluid...and if he decided to come today he is in the perfect position :) I also had a bit of cramping during the monitoring and have been a bit Nauseous for a day or two now, so that hasn't been fun, but if it is a sign that labor is close, I'll take it...l.o.l :) Also the NST nurse, Tiffany, kept checking into Labor and Delivery to see if I had had Camden yet....hopefully I wont keep her waiting to much longer...especially since they are estimating him to be a BIG baby...it will be fun to see how much he weighs when he (finally) decides to come, I am very curious :)

Onto other not so fun news...Nathaniel twisted his knee yesterday during night training, so we spent the night in the E.R., luckily though his knee started feeling better and it looks like he just strained a few ligaments....so he was sent back out into the field with pain medication and doctor's orders not to run or carrying heavy equipment/ruck sack. I JUST CAN'T WAIT UNTIL HE IS HOME AGAIN, it is TO quite in the house without him :(

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

38 weeks appointment....

While I know women can be quite dilated for WEEKS...I was hoping I was one of those lucky ones that would get to see my baby earlier rather then later....oooo but tis not so...at my appointment I was still 4 cm dilated, but on a good note I am now 75% effaced :) I am now starting to experience more painful contractions though and now I am not sure if I am to excited about this whole labor shindig!!! I am also keeping my fingers crossed that Camden decides to wait a little bit longer to come because Nathaniel heads to the field today for the rest of the week...and is NOT ALLOWED A CELL PHONE...so if my body does decide it now wants to go into labor it will be a bit tricky trying to get a hold of Nathaniel!!!!

Monday, February 8, 2010

37 week appointment.

The appointment went great. My doctor and nurse are awesome and hilarious, which is great because today they had to test for GBS and to check for dialation/effacement......well my doctor was VERY surprised because I am already dilated to a 4 and 50% effaced! So at least I know those braxton hicks contractions I have been having lately are worth something, l.o.l!!!! My doctor also set my induction date, but highly doubts that I will make it that far!!! Then again I bet I will be one of those ladies that is stuck at a 4 and 50% for weeks....the not knowing when I am going to have Camden is the worst part, l.o.l!!!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

House up-date!

HOORAY WE ARE CHOOSING BRICK AND STONE THIS WEEK FOR OUR HOUSE!!!! It is coming along and we are keeping our fingers crossed that it will be finished by the time we get down to Texas :) :) :)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

WOW...36 weeks already!!!

I can not believe I am now 36 weeks pregnant...time has flown by (for the most part, l.o.l). My blood pressure is back up again, even while I was laying there for the NST and I have another appt. on thursday and with that comes another ultrasound to check the fluid, last thursday it was low but still in the normal range, so we will see what thursday brings (I am crossing my fingers that everything is still going great)....and then I have another appt. on monday and they will check to see if I have dialated or am effaced. The great news is Camden's head is engaged...the bad news about that is he pushes on my back more...OUCH!!! ALSO next week I will be 37 WEEKS, which is a great milestone to reach when you have PIH....it also means that if my blood pressure keeps on rising the doctor's may decide to induce me. Everything is up in the air right now, so I will keep you all posted....and keep my fingers crossed that my BP doesn't keep on rising!