Monday, November 29, 2010

More pictures just for fun!!!!

We are all SUPER tired...Can you tell?! (me, Elise, Camden and Dad)
Grandpa and Camden about to go enjoy the snow again.
Mommy and Camden.
Grandpa found Camden's new favorite toy...a BOX!!!
Camden in a food coma...he ate a whole french toast by himself!!!!
Camden with is Aunt Jenna-roo!!!
Camden in his Christmas Pajamas!!!!
Camden loving all of the Attention he is getting here!!!
Elise's Brother and his family came the day after Thanksgiving and it was his sons Caleb's birthday...his request a Pumpkin pie!!! YUM!!!! Here are all the cousin's together, plus Camden!!!!

Our Thanksgiving Celebration.

Camden enjoying a yummy roll.
Ready to eat some yummy food. Starting on the left: Elise, Jenna, Kayleigh, Camden, Me, Spencer, Liz and Cayleigh, Barrett, Abrahm, Clark, and Miranda (with dad taking the picture.
Camden and mommy.
Camden was just laying next to his grandpa singing and playing with his spoon.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving day here in Washington! The company and food were great and Camden and I had a fabulous time! Camden was such a trooper and stayed up with us until 11:30 having fun! He is definently enjoying all of the attention!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Vacation part 1

Camden and I are having a great time with family here in Washington! Camden did such a good job on the plane flying out here, which made it enjoyable for me :) His schedule has been off since we have been here but he is slowly adjusting and hopefully tonight I will get some sleep...yes I know I was very spoiled with him since I am used to him sleeping 11 hours at night, which means I usually had about 8 hours of sleep at night...but since we have gotten here he wakes up a couple times a night..and last night he was up from about midnight until 2!!!! BUT he has still been super happy and LOVES following his Grandpa around the house :) ALSO it has snowed quite a bit here so Grandpa and I HAD to take Camden out to play in it, he really seemed to like it, especially when Grandpa pulled him around on the sled!!!

Camden and Grandma looking at the fishies.
"what is this on my head?" Camden and Grandpa playing in the snow.

Mommy and Camden

"mom snow is COLD....BBBUUUUURRRRR"

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Where, O where

Camden LOVES to explore and crawl all over the house....the other day he was playing in the family room (right off of the kitchen) and I was in the kitchen finishing the dishes and when I was done I went into the family room to check on him, and he wasn't there, NO big deal because I can usually find him in the entry way...he wasn't there either....THEN I realized he is probably in his favorite room..the BATHROOM, standing up next to the bath tub...and I was right!!!
This is camden's most favorite place to go...I usually have the door closed, but every once in awhile I forget and he takes full advantage of it!!!