Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Our last vacation as a family of three :)

This bed is SO comfortable, even better after being stuck in my car seat for four hours

The picture is a little blurry but Camden was SO excited to ride the merry-go-round!

Exhausted after a long day at NASA and the Houston Zoo.

Notice the cookie he is holding in his neck.....well he got a hold of the package of cookies we packed next him in the car (oops) and that is where he decided to hide one of the cookies from me. l.o.l, he thinks that he is very very sneaky!

Camden had NO fear of the ocean at all!

After a FUN day at the beach Camden was tuckered out and fell asleep in his daddies arms!

This past weekend Nathaniel had four days off of work and it also happened to be the last weekend I can travel more then an hour away from the hospital, so we took FULL advantage of the last chance we would have to vacation as a family of three! Thursday after Nathaniel got off of work we packed the car up and headed for Houston. Thankfully Camden is a wonderful traveler and we made it there in less then four hours. The day we went to NASA in the morning....it was CRAZY, we didn't realize that every school in the vicinity would be taking a field trip there that day! But we had fun! We then went back to our hotel room for a little rest and then we went to the zoo! Nathaniel jokes that I like the zoo even more then him OR Camden, and he might just be right! We had a great time as a family though! The next day we went to Galveston for our beach day! it was GREAT! We got there in the morning and spent the next five hours playing in the water and sand! We are SO happy that Camden loves the beach, especially since his mommy and daddy plan on taking a beach trip every year :) We then spent one more night in Houston, went to Church there (where Camden made friends with the nice lady sitting next to us on the bench) and made our way home!
Monday was also a FUN day! A bunch of us got together for a Memorial Day BBQ at my friends house. We let the kiddos play in the water and us adults had a great time hanging out.


The other week for F.H.E. we had a great lesson on families and followed it up by making our own strawberry milk shakes. They were DELICIOUS! Camden thoroughly enjoyed "helping" make them (and yes that picture where he is about to eat the strawberry, well he decided to lick it instead and add it into the mixer. YUM!!! :)

Father and Sons Campout

Camden had a GREAT time camping with his daddy. Nathaniel was just as excited to take Camden because he has SO many great memories of father and sons campouts with his Dad. They enjoyed fun games, good food, and great company! Camden loved sleeping in a tent and actually slept through the night for Nathaniel! I know they both cant wait until their next campout!