Saturday, September 26, 2009

IT'S A........ least that is what my mom said all week long when anyone asked her what the gender of the baby was!!! But I am NICE and I wont leave you in suspense any longer....WE ARE HAVING A HANDSOME ADORABLE LITTLE BOY!!! Nathaniel and I are thrilled and so excited for our little son and actually already have his name choosen out, we are going to name him Camden Alexander Clark!!! It was SOOO exciting to tell Nathaniel he was going to have a son, it makes me smile just thinking about that now, he will make a great dad and we are excited for this new adventure in our lives!!!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

My mom now knows....

whether our baby is a girl or a boy!!! Now you my wonder, why doesn't Nathaniel and Sarah know?!?! Well, we will blame it on Nathaniel....HAHAHA...Nathaniel came up with this good idea (since he is away at BOLC until the end of OCT.) that while I am in Utah I can go and find out the Gender (thanks Alaina for the idea, I am so happy that I dont have to wait until Nov. when I am back in MO) BUT........that I have to wait until my baby shower (Sept 26th) to find out what it is!!! So that's right, only my mom knows what we are having and next week, in some creative way, she is going to annouce it to me and everyone at the baby shower!!! It really is a WAY cute idea...but I AM SO NOT PATIENT enough :) O well, I haven definently learned the best things in life are worth the wait!!!
So check back next saturday to find out if we are having a cute little boy or a cute little girl!!! P.S. I did get to look at the ultrasound when it was showing our baby's face and he/she was sucking their thumb, it was amazing and I am already absolutely in love with this baby!!!