Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Camden trying to drink out of the hose! He loves it and it is quite comical to watch! "MOM I LOVE PLAYING IN THE WATER" Camden's first popicle, he loved it and hated it...he loved the taste but hated how cold it was :)

Oatmeal Boy!

Camden is a very independent little boy, which is great...BUT it makes for one messy breakfast especially when his favorite breakfast is oatmeal!

For Nathaniel!

Firepit and one of our peach trees.
One of the sides of the fence (by our neighbors trish and chris!)

One of the gates

Firepit with the fence behind it...and three of the four solar lights that had turned on already! One of the peach trees. I need to buy some more brick so I can finish outlining the shrubs...eventually I will do that :)

My wonderful husband let us use some of our tax refund to get a fence built! It is W.O.N.D.E.R.F.U.L!!! I love that Camden and I can go out back and play/do yard work and I now don't have to worry about him running into the field behind our house or to the road in our front yard! We can just enjoy our yard and it has been fabulous! So after a week or so of my husbands asking for pictures and of course me procrastinating I finally took I hope you enjoy them honey :)