Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I am the queen of procrastination...if anything can be procrastinated...I WILL procrastinate doing it...since I was younger I would procrastinate doing my chores, once I hit junior high I would procrastinate doing my homework or studying for a drove my parents crazy...but I would like to tell you all that I have now paid for my schooling for the fall semester WITH.....FOUR DAYS TO SPARE...I thought about procrastinating for a few more days...but I have now decided to work on my least tomorrow I'll start........

Monday, July 28, 2008

My new mom and dad
YUM..we love sonics..ok so it was actually all of ours first time there, but it was super good!!!
THEY TOOK MY HAT...and i refused to take a picture without it...haha
The Newport Temple, it was Beautiful!!!!
HAHAHA...kind of a corny picture, Nathaniel's dad was teasing us and made us pose this way!!!!

Trip with the (soon to be) in-laws!!

Eating at a really good Indian restaurant we found on our drive down to was SUPER good!!! starting on the left: Abe, me, Nathaniel, mom(to-be), and spencer!!!
HAHAHA...Abe really really wanted to be in our picture!!!
I FINALLY HAVE BROTHERS!!! Nathaniel has 4 brothers, although two of them, ben and zach are on their missions right now so they of course weren't able to come with us on our trip!!!

Here we are at Knotts Berry farms down in California!!! It was SUPER fun and SUPER hot!!!!

Time FLIES!!!!

Well the weekend is now over...which means Nathaniel has come and gone and is now out at Camp Buckner at CDLD (military training). The worst part is I wont be able to talk to him for the next three weeks while he is at training, the BEST part is that he is now in the same state as me and is only 20 minutes away...even if I can't see him or talk to's great knowing that he is SOOO close!!!! The weekend was great, although it went by way to fast, Nathaniel got into New York at 8:30 friday night, after picking him up we went out to eat at the Macaroni Grill and then we watched star dust...I loved the movie...nathaniel definently...DID NOT!!! hahaha, o well, we usually don't agree on movies :) and then the next day came way to fast and before we knew it Nathaniel was off again, headed for Camp buckner!!!!

Friday, July 25, 2008

I am sooo excited....

I get to see Nathaniel tonight and I am sooo excited!!! The military sent him down to Austin, Texas where he's been for the past month working and testing rail guns with a company located down there!!! By the way did I mention that I AM SO EXCITED TO SEE HIM AGAIN!!!!!!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

When sisters come to visit....

My sister Amanda and her family came to visit me in New York, it was a GREAT time!!! We had a BBQ up on base with Nathaniel, we went to the bronx zoo, and had a fun time in the city!!! it was GREAT having my sister and her family here!!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Army Navy Football

I am finally going through all of my pictures and getting them all organized. Here are some pictures from the Army Navy football game last November! It was an awesome game...although Army lost...BOO!!! The first picture is of my (new) mom and I, you can't really tell, but it was FREEZING cold...we are enjoying the sunshine while it lasts though!!! The picture next to it is of Nathaniel and his company, you can't really see him, but he is in the second group standing behind the guy holding the flag (I believe...they all look a bit the same while in uniform...just don't tell Nathaniel I said that... :) !!!! The picture on the bottom on the left is of mom, me, and Nathaniel FREEZING at the game...literally my toes I am sure almost fell off!! and the last picture is of all of us dad, mom (nathaniel's parents), me and Nathaniel!!!

Thursday, July 3, 2008


Here's some pictures....

Here are a few pictures from the night Nathaniel proposed!!!! It was a GREAT night...but absolutely unexpected!!! Although we both knew we wanted to marry each other, but because Nathaniel attends the U.S. military academy, the military wont allow us to get married until he graduates, which is May 23, 2009!!!! Which means quite a long engagement...exactly 17 months and a two day engagement.....We can't wait until May 30th, 2009 when we can finally be married for all of time and eternity in the Jordan River Temple.


I decided that since everyone I know seems to have a blog and since Nathaniel will be gone for the next month to Austin, TX......that it would be fun to try blogging out!!!!!! We'll see how it goes!!!!!