Tuesday, December 13, 2011

July 2012 sounds like a GREAT month to me!

It is true, Baby Clark #2 is on its way! Nathaniel and I are SUPER excited, we had our first ultrasound today (10 weeks) and we saw his/her little arms and legs kicking and punching, it was an amazing moment! We also heard and saw his little heartbeat...I can't help it I've already fallen in love :) :) :) The midwife that I saw today was AWESOME! we got along great, I wish that I could see her each time (bad thing about the army, you generally see a different doctor at each appt., positive side to that is your bound to know the doctor that delivers your baby :)

Thursday, December 1, 2011

only a couple of holidays behind!

Camden and his friend Emily
Camden, the little dragon
The Group
Having fun frosting cookies after trick or treating.
We had so much fun this halloween. The Fun began the friday before when we went to our friends halloween party, it was AMAZING! The food was delcious, we had a donut eating contest, pin the tail (on some sort of animal, l.o.l), a pinata, and a awesome halloween story at the end. EVERYONE had to dress up and it was just a blast! The next day was our wards trunk or treating/chili cook off! The kids had fun parading around in the customes, us adults had fun talking and at the end of the night everyone had a blast trunk or treating! On Halloween we inviting my sister and her kids over and my friend Julie (how I call cricket from our oakcrest days) and her kids over and we enjoyed eating mummy dogs and fruit! The older kids had SO much fun trick or treating and getting candy and the younger kids (Camden and Emily) had fun but would much rather stop at each house and play with their friends, haha!