Sunday, May 23, 2010


One of the great things about being a military family, is no matter where you move to you always meet up with old friends from previous places that you have lived! Back in MO, I got to see a great friend from the days I was a nanny, Alaina and her husband Roland, and I got to meet her adorable little boys and then Nathaniel and I saw our good friend Steve and met his really nice wife and today when we showed up for stake conference we saw our old bishop, President Roberts, from West Point and his family, it was SO much fun and exciting to talk and catch up with them again!!!! We might move around a lot, but no matter where we go, we get the chance to make great new friends and meet up with amazing old friends!!!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Picture Update: 2 1/2 months:

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this little guy! He is seriously a wonderful baby and brings SO much happiness to Nathaniel and I! He is cooing like crazy and will hold "conversations" with me, he is also starting to get better control of his arms and will try and reach for his toys!

Pictures of our home:

Here are some pictures of our new home down here in Texas! We are loving our home and the space we have now! We also LOVE our neighborhood! We seriously have the best neighbors ever!!! Most are in the military so there is a real feeling of community and understanding and I have also met several other girls who have small babies as well and we go on walks together every morning, it is so nice to get out of the house and have some adult conversation!!!
P.S. we still have a LOT of decorating in the house to do but that will come with time :)
Front of our house (minus the garage which is to the righht)
Guest room
Hall bathroom
Camden's Room
Master Bathroom: the mirrors are doors that lead to one of the walk in closets in our room.
Tile Shower in our Bathroom.
Master Bedroom.
Master Bathroom
Master Bedroom.
Our backyard: We still need more grass, hopefully that will come soon :)
Door in our kitchen leading to our backyard.
Living room looking into the kitchen.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Camden's two month stats:

Camden is quite the big boy:
At two months he now weights:
14.7 pounds and is almost 25 in. long!!!!

At the Doctor's appt. today Camden flirted with all the nurses and was cooing for them like crazy, it made us all laugh. Then when the nurse gave him his first shot he looked at her like "why would you hurt me when I was smiling and being all cute for you" and then he started screaming! But he was brave and only cried for 30 seconds!!! Camden got a clean bill of health and is growing and gaining weight (obviously, l.o.l) very good!!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Happiness is:

Sitting out on the back porch swing in perfect 80 degree weather, feeding your adorable two month old, and staring out at the gorgous texas blue sky.....and then hearing the guy building the house next door to us start singing along with the mexican opera type music he is listening to...I couldn't help but giggle a little to myself. Life is grand.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Because he is wonderful!

Nathaniel leaves in about 3 weeks for JRTC, a pre-deployment training and he will be gone for about a month, so his battalion had a "briefing" for the families about JRTC and told us how JRTC can be a pre-deployment training for families...and it really hit me during the briefing that Nathaniel is about to deploy to Iraq and I wont see him for a WHOLE YEAR. He will miss a lot of Camden's firsts, such as halloween, christmas, his first birthday, the first time he crawls, or talks, or walks, his first skinned knee and thinking about all of this makes me sad, but more then that it makes me SO proud of Nathaniel that he is willing to fight for freedom, that he is willing to put his life on hold for a year to serve our country! While I will miss Nathaniel terribly and it will be very lonely without him, I support him and I couldn't dream up a better husband and father then he is! I LOVE YOU BABE!!!!
P.S. I also had a WONDERFUL mother's day! Nathaniel bought me the most beautiful flowers and cooked the most delicious dinner, and he also had a lot of fun with Camden while he let me take a super long sunday nap!!!! Thanks for such a great first mother's day as a mommy!!!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Little Man:

Camden Alexander Clark:
5 Weeks old! (in the picture at
he is 2 months old and I can not believe
how fast the time is flying by!)