Sunday, June 27, 2010


RANT: STUPID FRG!!!!!!!!!!! If I was stupid I would post the exact hour/minute/second Nathaniel would be coming home, where he was doing his training at and the exact route he will be traveling home..... so get off my back!!!!

P.S. I am sure that when I calm down that I will feel guilty about this post and will delete it......

Sunday, June 20, 2010


Although you can't be with us today Nathaniel, Camden and I wanted to wish you a happy Father's day! You are amazing and I am very lucky to have such a wonderful husband and Camden is very lucky to have a great daddy!! THANK YOU so much for everything you do for us, WE LOVE YOU!!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Chocolate ice cream, YUM!!!!

Camden with his cousin Whitney. She is a little cutie, she is always asking, "can me hold Camden".
Camden right after his first hair cut. I think my friend Joelle did an amazing job, I just can't believe how fast Camden is growing up.
"Man I look good in these sun glasses" - Camden, 3 months old "This shopping is pretty fun, huh mom?!?!" Camden - 3 months old.

So I was at my sister's house today and we were all eating chocolate ice cream cones and Camden wanted it SOOO bad, he would get sooo excited when I would get the cone close to him, he would kick his legs and get this super excited look on his face, we were all laughing hysterically!!! It was so much fun to watch bad I didn't give him any, I promise Camden when you are older you can have some, YUM!!!!!

Thursday, June 10, 2010


I was at Hobby Lobby today with Camden, my sister Amanda and her two kids. I have never been in that store before and I LOVED it, I have so many ideas for decorating our house now. So while walking around the store I noticed a 50% off sign and I said in the corniest high pitch voice, "50 percent off" and Camden started laughing at WAS SO CUTE!!!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The count down begins:

Does time ever seem to fly by at times, and then at other times drag? With Nathaniel gone to JRTC it feels like the countdown has begun until he deploys in September, can it really already be JUNE??? With Nathaniel gone the whole month of June and some of July, I feels like September is just around the corner. But I must kick my self in the butt and not mop, I'm proud of Nathaniel, I might miss him but I am very Lucky: I have a great son, great neighbors, and my sister and her family are now down here since her husband is also stationed at Fort Hood.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I can not believe how fast Camden is growing! At three months he can:

* roll over, at least from his back to front, but he is working on rolling from us front to back!

* He Loves talking (cooing) and will carrying on a "conversation" with us.

* He laughs

* He doesn't really like being on his belly, but has really strong neck muscles anyways :)

*and he LOVES to be held!!! He is also a very content baby and loves to smile!

Memorial day weekend

Horrible picture of me, but this is the only picture I have of us on our anniversary!
Swimming time at the lake! Nathaniel and Camden at the rodeo!

Nathaniel had a four day weekend for memorial day and we absolutely loved it! Nathaniel loved having a break from work and I loved having him home for a few days :) Thursday night we went to the rodeo, it was a lot of fun, I think cowboys are CRAZY, but it was very entertaining! Friday we braved it and went to the movies with Camden...AND it was great! The movie was really good and Camden ended up sleeping the whole time! Saturday we went to the lake. Camden enjoyed the water (it was really warm!) and it was a lot of fun to spend the day outside, although I now have a REALLY bad sunburn, ouch!!! Sunday we of course went to church, were I got a new calling, I am now the secretary in the young womens! I am really excited to being working with the girls! On sunday Nathaniel and I also celebrated our one year anniversary!!! We made really good chimicangas and had delicious chocolate cake!!! Monday, we didn't do much because of my sunburn, but we did spend the day watching season one of 24 and putting together a puzzle and that afternoon we headed out to kirklands (the best home decorating store EVER!!!) to get some ideas for our house :) And then tuesday came and Nathaniel had to go back to work..BOO :)