Sunday, October 16, 2011

A splendid way to spend a sunny day

We are heading up to Mt Rainier...notice Camden holding my hand, he routinely DEMANDS to hold my hand as we drive in the car!
The beginning of our hike started by the most beautiful lake I have seen. It was SO calm he could see the reflection of the sky and moutains in it!

Camden and Grandpa The boys. Camden's favorite thing to do on the hike: throw rocks into the water...any water we came across for the matter...and Washington has quite a bit of water to say the least :) Grandpa is king of the mountain! This picture doesn't do the view justice, it was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G! Camden's favorite place to stop on our hike....we sat for awhile on the trail throwing rocks down the mountain...Camden could of stayed there all day if we had let him! We made it - Spray Falls! Mommy and little man!

On saturday Dad, Nathaniel, Camden, and I packed our hiking bags, strapped on our hiking boots and set out for some hiking in Mount Rainier! I was just a little bit nervous about how Camden would do on the hike since we didn't have a backpack carrier for him...but I had no need to worry...Camden ran/walked/and thoroughly enjoyed our FOUR hour hike! The hike was beautiful.... I sometimes forget since living in Texas that some places are SO GREEN! We enjoyed a spectacular view of Mount Rainer and a HUGE waterfall! Besides about 20 minutes of being carried Camden walked most of the time...and insisted (quite loudly) that he would walk the last mile all by himself!

If we are ever stationed here at Fort Lewis we know that we will definently be taking advamtage of all of the hiking this state has to offer!

making bread

Nathaniel decided one day that he was going to make some delcious home-made bread and the next time I looked over at him, this is what I saw! I guess Camden really wanted to see what Nathaniel was doing but Nathaniel needed both hands so he decided the best place for him was on his shoulders! Camden has such a GREAT daddy!

We are still here...and having fun!

Miss Cayleigh! This is Camden's adorable friend and the cute little girl of mine and Nathaniel's friends, Barrett and Liz Campbell!
The Fountain in Olympia - it was Freezing that day but daddy and Grandpa thought it would be fun, l.o.l :)

And I have to admit Camden had the time of his life!

Camden enjoying the great outdoors :)

"dad dont feed me to the horse"!!!

We are still having a great time here in Washington! We love spending time with family and Nathaniel, Camden, and I are enjoying a much needed vacation together :) It is beautiful here in Washington, but it does rain A LOT...but even with all the rain we have had we have still found plenty to do and some days we still brave the rain and head outdoors for some fun!

One day Nathaniel, Dad, and Camden headed out to the local church camp ground to check on things and to figure out what needs to be done for the day of service for their ward coming up! Camden had a great time putting the horse, swinging in the swings, and of course jumping into all the mud puddles....he came home soaking wet and quite muddy!

We also have enjoyed game nights with friends, visiting the children's museum in Olympia and the water fountain there as well :)

Nathaniel also had quite the scare this week! He took Camden to the local play ground one morning and in the split second that Camden was out of arms reach he slipt off the bridge and fell about 5 feet straight onto his head! Nathaniel said it was one of the scariest moments of his life and ran over to Camden, who thankfully was moving...and crying and wanted to play some more! Nathaniel decided it was a wise idea to come home instead though and we are both so thankful that Camden is ok!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

play time

Camden hanging out on the bed he sleeps on at Grandma and Grandpa's house!!!

This is what happens when....

This is what happens when DADDY watches Camden in the morning while mommy sleeps in....He gets to hang out in his pajamas all morning and eat oreo cookies!!!!!

Tolmie State Park

Nathaniel took us to Tolmie State Park and it was Beautiful! I LOVE LOVE LOVE all the trees here in Washington! Camden had a blast throwing rocks into the water....which thankfully he didn't run into the water like he did the other day (BUUURRR). We didn't stay for to long because Camden was a bit sick and decided (and made it known quite loudly) that he would much rather be home in his nice warm bed for a nap. But we still enjoyed our little visit!

Seattles Children museum and pikes place

Mommy and Camden at Pikes place in Seattle

Camden driving the bus

Camden's favorite thing about the museum was the water...of course

Daddy and Camden at the space needle!

The other day Nathaniel, Camden, and I headed into the city for some fun! We enjoyed a walk through down town, passing the space needle and several water fountains that Camden of course wanted to jump into! We had a ton of fun at the children's museum where Camden got to pretend to be fire fighter, a bus driver, and a chef, he also enjoyed "grocery shopping" and exploring little cities! We had so much fun! We then went to pikes place and had a delicious lunch of the best clam chowder I have ever had and we also had a great time exploring the market! One thing I loved in the market was the fresh flowers, they were amazing and SO affordable - 5 dollars for an amazing bouquet!

Pumpkin picking

Which one to choose.....

Family picture

Grandpa and Camden

I choose this one mommy!!!

Hanging out with the boys.

Yesterday Grandpa took us to the local pumpkin farm! We had a great time petting goats, pigs, and a baby cow! Camden loved the play ground there and we all had a great time on the hay ride and choosing out the perfect pumpkin! The best part though was watching Camden try and pick up every pumpkin, even the ones that were bigger then him!
After the pumpkin farm Grandpa treated us all to a delicious dinner at Panera Bread, YUM YUM!