Friday, April 27, 2012

I can't belive I am already in my third tri-mester...and yes this is about the only picture I have of my belly so far, my family has been asking for a picture and I finally remembered right when I was getting ready to go to Combat class at the gym!
This pregnancy has definently been different then Camden's:
1. My sciatic nerve isn't hurting as bad this time
2. I haven't gained as much weight with this one (so far... :)
3. I have definently worked out more with this pregnancy then I did with camden's.
4. This pregnancy is FLYING by!
1. My belly feels so much bigger and sooner then it did with Camden, making sleeping quite uncomfortable.
2. I definently felt pretty with Camden ; maybe the old wives tell is true, "girls take the beauty away from their mothers"
3. I am more tired and more nauseous with this one then I ever was with camden.
4. and last but not least...I don't know how to explain this one, but there are two places on my belly that if Hannah kicks, punches, pushes, it causes me severe pain for a second and then it is gone. Strange yes, annoying definently, but my doctor doesn't seem concerned.

Two nights ago Nathaniel and I were getting ready for bed and Hannah was moving like crazy so I told nathaniel to put his hand on my belly and for the next few minutes he got to feel her hit him with her elbows, hands, feet, head, etc. I love moments like that. Nathaniel says that feeling her move around like that makes it so much more real for him, I think he is already smitten with his little girl :)

Here's to hoping the next two months fly by!

Where's Camden???