Tuesday, September 25, 2012

YES, I have completely neglected our blog. Between having a baby, Nathaniel leaving shortly after for JRTC for a month, trying to keep my independent two year old out of trouble and trying to prepare for nathaniel's up coming deployment, life has been...well...CRAZY!
But I was telling my mom a story about Camden today and she thought it was hilarious and asked if I wrote it on my blog/journal so I would remember it. And I though, geez I haven't written in ages all of these fun memories are going completely undocumented. haha! SO.....
Camden is growing up way to fast if you ask me and lately he thinks because he is tall that he can do anything. So this past weekend we went camping and Nathaniel was climbing a huge tree and then I handed Camden up to him, well Camden wanted to keep climbing higher and Nathaniel said that he was to little to do it and Camden looked at him and said, "NO NO NO" and puts his hands above his head and yells, "TALL, TALL, TALL". Well this alone is hilarious but even more so because Camden is in speech therapy and is just learning how to speak, so we of course laugh at his persistence that he can do anything because he is, "TALL TALL TALL". So fast forward to last night and he wanted to do something and we once again said he wasn't big enough and he of course said, "NO NO NO, TALL TALL TALL" and we laughed at said, "yes you are tall but you are not old enough", and looks up at us and gives us a look only two year olds are capable of doing and holds up two fingers and says, "NO NO NO, TWO TWO TWO". So apparently if you are two and tall you can do anything you want. haha!!!