Friday, August 29, 2008

Well the first week of fall semester is OVER...only 14 more weeks to go..hahaha!!! I actually really like my classes this semester. My history professor is a bit "strange", but it is my favorite subject, so the class will hopefully be great. I LOVE my speech communications class. The teacher is great, I'm not looking so much forward to all of the public speaking I will be doing, but even that wont be to bad!!! My concepts of physical wellness should be interesting, I have really started to love going running...but now that I have to...well lets just say I hope I still love it after this semester...hahaha...and last but not least, english class....BLAH...ever since 9th grade english with Mrs. Stokes (I think that was her name...although I have tried to forget it..l.o.l) english class has never been the in HORRIBLE!!! HAHA, O well, it should be interesting!!!
Well that's about it. Tonight I get to see Nathaniel and go to the first West Point football game of the season...hopefully they will win..hahaha (for any of you who know the W.P. football team...well lets just say they haven't consistently won in quite some time) although it is DEFINENTLY worth it to go to the games because the cadets are hilarious...imagine 4,000 cadets at a football game!!!!!
This weekend a group of us are going camping, I'm so excited!!!! It should be a ton of fun!!!!

Saturday, August 16, 2008


I am headed off to CHINA, it is official (my bank account would definently agree)!!! I am leaving on Jan. 8th for a two week Humanitarian tour to China...and I am SO excited!!! We start out in the chinese city Guilin where we get to visit the Li river and go through caves and we also get to volunteer in the local hospital and we get to cruise down the Li river to the town of Yangshuo (and a few other that all is the first four days) we then hop on a flight to eastern china to the city xi'an where we get to volunteer in a local orphanage visit the terracotta warriors museum (if you don't know what it is look it up, it's really interesting) then after two days in xi'an we board a sleeper train that will take us north up to Beijing (where the olympics are going on right now and where we will spend the rest of our time while in china). We get to visit THE GREAT WALL OF CHINA, the summer palace, visit the tombs of the ancient emperors of china, visit the forbidden city, temple of heaven, and we also get to volunteer in a local orphanage again!! I am SUPER excited...and I am going on this tour with a couple of my friends and it is through, which means are tour guides are LDS and for the most part the people in our group will be LDS, which is really awesome!!!Anyways, I thought I would up-date you all on my going on's...also I am officially done with my nanny job on December 24th, after today with the kids throwing up everywhere and throwing temper tantrums I'm excited for my "freedom"....hahahaha...but I know I will miss them SUPER a lot, but I am coming back to NY in Febuary for a dance at West point and a visit to the nicolls, so I'll get to see them again fairly soon after my job ends!!!!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

I am super excited!!!

Nathaniel and I booked our photographer for our engagement pictures!!!