Thursday, September 11, 2008

more hiking.......

Another group pictures: the boys really were excited to be hiking, I swear!!!!
DON'T EAT MY COOKIE BROTHER Cute Diaper shot, They just wouldn't stay up after he decided to get soaking wet in the river!!!!


CUTE KIDS: Kathryn and's seriously the first picture James is smiling in...He always smiles and says cheese, but the camera always takes to long to take the picture and he has usually looked away by the time the picture is taken!!!
I SEE WATER.....MUST WALK IN WATER...He is such a BOY!!!!!!!!!
GROUP PICTURE!!! Kathryn, William, and James!!!!
CHEESE SARAH!!!!! James is such a cutie!!! (notice the wet pants!!!)
I might be SMALL......BUT I AM LOUD!!!!!!!!!!!!

A few pictures from camping....

Us on the covered bridge near our was awesome. And there was a drunk guy jumping off it into the water below...definently intertaining!!!
The group of us...Note to everyone: WE had been camping for 3 days straight without a shower.

Fincharoo and I....WE love Camping...ok I LOVE camping and Lisa was dragged along against her will...BAWHAHAHA!!!!!

Labor Day Weekend....

Labor Day weekend was So much fun!!! It actually started with my early morning saturday english class...which I was dreading...but it turns out that some english teachers really are great (and not scary like my former teacher). He's a bit crazy...he lives up in Woodstock and is definently a hippie (sp), but that's what's great, he isn't like the normal anyways what I'm saying is that the class went very good. After class I raced home to beat everyone to my house (Lisa, Emily, Jamison, and Nathaniel) so we could all head out on our camping trip... which was AWESOME!!!! WE had a ton of good food (except when Em. tried to make pancakes with boiling water...note to self...pancake batter starts cooking if you mix it with boiling water, making it look like...well use your imagination), we played fun games and played in the river. It was a GREAT trip!!!