Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Before and after pictures

So while Nathaniel has been deployed I have been trying to keep busy anyway I can hoping that it will make the time go by fast, which it has and the bonus is that I have been able to accomplish so much aroud the house, from paining to re-painting because I dont like a color, to the endless amount of yard work (my goal is to have a great looking yard for the hubby when he gets home :), to keeping the house clean, the clothes washed and folded, the dishes washed, the bills payed, and of course most importantly little man fed, clothed, and happy (which is my favorite "job" of all, he makes everything worth it :) SO, here are some before and after pictures of the house:

Living room Before:

Living Room After: (it still needs something, but for now I am pleased with it)
The guest room turned into Camden's room: (before)

Camden's room now: The blue turned out to be really really blue, but it is growing on me :)

Slightly out of order, but here is the after picture first then the before picture of our bedroom:

The very red before picture of our kitchen:The after picture of our kitchen: My awesome brother in law hung the chair railing and I painted and painted ......and painted, it took quite a bit of work to cover up that red paint :)

The Zoo

This post is just a little bit late :) a few weeks ago my friends and I took our kids to the zoo over in Waco! We had a great time with each other and the kids loved the animals!

Side Note: I am very very lucky to have such good friends down here in Texas, we all live in the same neighborhood and we all go on nightly walks together! All of our husbands are in the military, and all of our husbands are deployed/or have already been through a deployment so we understand and can relate to each other :) I am truely blessed to know such great girls :)

Memorial day weekend.

Camden and I had a great memorial day weekend! It started thursday night at the rodeo, it was military appreciation night, which means we got in free and got a scrumptous dinner :) Camden also rode his first pony and absolutely LOVED it! The first cavalry put on a show and Camden was facinated by the horses, gun shoting, etc.! We had a great night with great friends, Haley and Bennett! Then on Monday we went up to the lake and had a blast digging in the sand and getting wet! That night I also took Camden and my neice and nephew to the movies to see kung Fu panda 2!