Wednesday, January 2, 2013

It's the most wonderful time of the year

 Hey mom, why are you taking so many pictures?
 Our Christmas tree. Nathaniel knew how much I wanted a real christmas tree but I told him it didn't make any sense since he would be gone and his reponse was, "you guys are still there, you should get a real tree because it's what you want Sarah", and it was true, Thanks for reminding me honey that we can't put our lives on hold. I love you!
 Grandma and Grandpa came to visit us this year!
 Hannah loving Grandma time
 We made home made pajamas this year, Camden even helped. He had a blast pushing the peddle to the sewing machine!
Camden was a bit over whelmed christmas morning. But dont worry he soon realized how much fun it was!
Christmas this year started off by Nathaniel convincing me to get a real christmas tree. So I loaded the kiddos up and off we went. Camden loved running through all of the trees...I tried my best to keep an eye on him....and Hannah slept! and then we found the perfect tree. The workers strapped it to the top of our car and off we went. First test came: we arrived home and I realized that I had to take the tree off the car by myself. But I was bound and determined to do it and I did. Second test came when I realized I had to hold the tree up by myself and get it into the tree stand by myself and then screw it into the stand by myself. I am sure it was quite the sight. BUT I DID IT! We had a blast listening to christmas music and decorating the tree!
This year my mom and dad came down and visited us (what a relief it was not to have to fly with two little kiddos by myself). Camden had a blast with Grandma and Grandpa and I got a little extra sleep because Grandma was awesome and took care of hannah so I could sleep in (quite a feat especially since I am exclusively breast feeding) THANKS MOM! Christmas Eve my sister and her family stayed the night and we enjoyed a delicious dinner and a wonderful reading of the nativity story by my sister as my mom played silent night. it was beautiful. We then opened up our christmas pajamas and listened to Uncle Coleman read scrooge!
Then off to bed so Santa could come.
I had butterflies the next morning I was SO excited to watch Camden open his presents, I wanted to WAKE the kiddos up. haha. We sure were spoiled this year by family. THANK YOU SO MUCH!
The next day we enjoyed bowling and mom and dad treated us to dinner at cheddars and then we went up to BLORA and saw the christmas lights, even Hannah was fascinated by them!
The rest of the week we spent enjoying each others company. it was perfect.
I love this time of year. It is so magical and now that I am a mom I get to watch the joy and excitement of Christmas through my kids eyes!


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Hey Sarah! I found you through Grace's blog! How funny. Many times I've asked Grace if she's heard from you, so it was fun to finally catch up with you and see that you keep a blog.

Your kids are darling. I'm be glad when Nathaniel gets home. I'm proud of you for getting a tree AND getting it up all by yourself. What a girl!

Love to you and yours.

Grace said...

SARAH!!! I was SO excited to see your comment on my blog. I can't believe how big Camden is getting and that you now have a little girl! They are darling! I would LOVE if you guys were stationed in Washington.

I'm sorry Nathaniel's gone. You're right though... he will be home before you know it! Hang in there! :)

I'm so happy I can follow you now. Lots of love, and please say hi to Nathaniel for us :).

The White's said...

I've enjoyed reading your posts. I am glad to hear all is well but I am sorry that Nathaniel is deployed again, I respect military families so much, I honestly could not handle it. I know it's hard and I am sorry but I thank you and other military families for being willing to do it! Little Hannah is getting so big and looks just like Camden! I wish I was closer to you, I miss you! I hope his deployment goes by long will he be gone? Just know that I love ya and miss ya and pray for your family :)